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I have been looking for this gifset my entire life.

Seriously the funniest moment of Toy Story. 

i think i’ve reblogged this before but who cares i love it

Shit this popped up on my dash

I have to reblog it

This movie is 17 years old and this scene is still funny.

this will never not be funny.


gettin real tired of your shit

dear lord

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The difference between these pictures is about a year. I was sad then. Im sadder now. I dont know whats gonna happen tonight. Im trying to prepare the best that i can. I love her so much. I just want her to be happy. Im going back to where i started. Sad.

Wow. This feels like so long ago. It was. Last year. I was with someone who treated me like I was nothing. Now she’s long gone and I’m with someone who is perfect for me. Wow fuck old feelings.



this is my favorite goofy pun ever, I have told it at least five times

I don’t care, fuck you

okay ready

as you all know, saint patrick walked barefoot as an act of contrition, which made his feet rugged and blistered. he ate an ascetic’s diet, which made him weak and additionally gave him bad breath.

all of this made him

a super-calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis

oh my god

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